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Confession time: I’ve not always been a fan of indie published, small-house published, or self-published books. I was guilty of the same bias I’m trying to confront with this feature. For whatever reason, I bought into the assumption that if something were put out by an indie house or self-published, it must be somehow inferior. And then I discovered Megan Curd. It was one of those random twitter things, “I’m giving away a copy of my book to follower #700″ or something to that effect. I followed on a whim, and was the recipient of a Kindle copy of a book that presents a captivating and original spin on faerie lore.

Bridger was not at all what I was expecting. I began the book to kill time on a summer road trip. I hadn’t read many books about faeries and really wasn’t sure what to expect. The tale begins abruptly, wasting no time in getting the characters involved in tragedy and mayhem. While I didn’t love that crazy beginning, I was still curious about the characters and their story. Megan Curd spins a great tale, and she creates worlds and characters readers want to know. This was my introduction to the world of indies and I am thankful that Megan was able to help me expand my horizons; in fact, some of my favorite reads of 2011 were indie/self-pub.

October 2011 marked the publication of Megan’s second novel, Forbidden. This book presents a great spin on the guardian angel myths. This time, I was hooked from page one. Levi and Hannah are brilliantly brought to life and I was completely invested in their story. Deftly avoiding the dreaded sophomore slump, Curd gave readers a book even better than the first.

If you’ve not read any of Megan’s books, do yourself a favor and check them out. You can also find Megan at her blog:

This year, look forward to follow-ups to Bridger and Forbidden. Here’s a sneak-peek at Traitor, the next installment in the Bridger series.


One thought on “Indie Love: Introducing Megan Curd

  1. Macdizzledoo says:

    Thanks for highlighting me! I feel loved. :) And it's true, we indies have things to offer, too! I hope more people like you will give indies a chance here in 2012. :)


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