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Before I share my thoughts on Wake, I have to confess to being completely new to the phenomenon that is Amanda Hocking. Oh sure, I know who she is, I’ve heard of her books, I even enjoy her twitter quips. For whatever reason though, I’d just never gotten around to reading any of her books. Now, of course, I realize this was a mistake. 
In case you need more information about the talented Ms. Hocking–here’s a brief bio from the writer herself:

Amanda Hocking : I live in Minnesota with my dog, two cats, two fish, and my roommate/assistant/platonic lifemate, Eric. I actually live in Austin, a.k.a. SPAMTown, USA. They invented SPAM here, and the town is quite proud of it. (Here’s a vlog with a fun tour of the SPAM museum: here.)
I do many things, most of them lame and boring, but the thing I get paid to do is write young adult books.
All three books in my Trylle Trilogy – Switched,Torn, and Ascend – were originally self-published, but were re-released with St. Martin’s and Pan Macmillan internationally with new bonus content in early 2012. The trilogy has also made the USA Today Bestseller list, the New York Times Bestseller list, and was recently optioned for a film by Media Rights Capital with District 9 screenwriter Terri Tatchell adapting the books for screen.
St. Martin’s and Pan Macmillan recently acquired my new young adult four-book series Watersong, with the first book Wake coming out in August 2012. My zombie series, The Hollows, is being adapted into a graphic novel by Dynamite.
I also enjoy Red Bull, Jim Henson, Batman, Jane Austen, Star Wars legos, and I absolutely hate long walks on the beach out of my intense fear/hatred of wet sand.

My thoughts: Wake is a contemporary twist on the siren mythology, with nods to the ancient Greek myths in the form of location and character names. While the story does borrow the sirens from mythology, Gemma’s tale is entirely unique and unlike anything I’ve read lately. I read the book in a single sitting, caught up in the characters and the mystery of the new girls. This is a fun story, full of suspense (and yes, some romance)   and I’m happy that the sequel is coming out soon, because I am eager to see more of this world. **I will have a more in-depth review later in the week, I didn’t want this post to get too long!!**
Here, for your reading pleasure, is an exclusive excerpt from Wake:

The wall between them was almost visible. Whenever Harper even tried talking to her sister, Gemma would shut down. It didn’t matter what it was about, either. Gemma just didn’t want to say anything to her. 
After her talk with Daniel on the boat, Harper wanted to approach their relationship from a different angle, but it was as if Gemma didn’t want a relationship of any kind. 
Even when Brian came home, it didn’t get much better. Dinner conversation was stilted and tense. The sad truth was that it was actually a relief when Gemma excused herself and went to her room.
Harper had the next day off, so she drove Gemma to swim practice. Her car still wasn’t fixed, and with the way she’d been behaving lately, Brian had no intention of fixing it anytime soon. Gemma didn’t seem to care all that much, though. But then again, Gemma didn’t seem to care about much of anything anymore. 
After she dropped Gemma off, Harper did something she never thought she’d do – she rummaged through Gemma’s stuff. In a way, Harper almost hoped she’d find drugs. At least that would explain what was going on. 
But other than a weird green fish scale tangled up in her sheets, Harper didn’t find anything at all. As far as her room was concerned, Gemma was normal.
Amanda Hocking is generously giving away a hard-cover copy of Wake for those following the tour. To enter, just follow the directions in the Rafflecopter widget below. (Sorry, US only)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lullaby, book two of the Watersong series, arrives November 27th–mark your calendars.
**I recieved an ARC of Wake as part of the Bookish Brunette Blog Tour in exchange for an honest review**

15 thoughts on “Wake Excerpt, Mini-Review, & Giveaway

  1. Hm. I have to say, your enjoyment of Wake has me wanting to try it. Her Trylle series sounds just okay to me, and I read the first My Blood Approves book with very mixed results. It seems like having an editor for this series may have hopefully had good influence. Plus…I'm a sucker for mermaid/siren books. I may just have to give this a go!


  2. Oh, and my favorite mythological creature is tied between the dryad and the nymph. I love both because they are graceful, elusive, and nature-oriented. :)


  3. Christina K. says:

    I LOVE dragons! Also furies:)

    This is an awesome excerpt, Harper is a great sis:)

    Thanks so much:)


  4. Leanna says:

    My favorite myth or mythological character would be …Nick Gautier, whatever he may really be …from the Chronicles of Nick my Sherilyn Kenyon …I'm pretty sure he counts …right? If not, the dragons in the Eon duology by Alison Goodman. Thank you :D


  5. Dana says:

    I love anything with the Greek gods or demigods!


  6. Lona says:

    Shifters of anykind, I think it would be great to be able to do that, lol. Thx for giveaway.


  7. crysb0503 says:

    Mine are Sirens.


  8. Dragons. They're gigantic, they breathe fire, and they're usually an endangered species. What's not to like?


  9. Geez this is hard, because when it comes to mythology I am big on Greek and Norse Mythology! So I would say Greek/Norse Gods as well as demigods :)


  10. Hades God of the Underworld, Wraiths. Pretty much the scary stuff. Mythological creatures rule. Especially Hades.


  11. Ooh I think I know what the green scale was… :) Thank you for providing this giveaway and excerpt from the book. And thanks to Amanda too. I can't wait to read this book. I've only read one type of mythological book and Wake is definitely different from that one.


  12. Doodle says:

    Any kind of shapeshifter.
    Thanks :)


  13. I've read Amanda's zombie books and I'm curious about this new series.

    As for mythology, I love reading about Greek, Celtic, and Norse mythology. I just find it all fascinating.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  14. My favorite character is Odysseus. The trials he was put through, his decisions, his determination, and the adventure itself will always captivate me!


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