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Please read this policy in its entirety before sending a review request.

While I have eclectic reading tastes and will often read outside my preferred genres, this blog is primarily a YA blog with the occasional movie review. I do not review erotica or religious fiction

  • I cannot promise to read every single book and I do not promise a specific time frame for reviews. 
  • Acceptance of an ARC is not a guarantee of a positive review.
  • I do not review books I do not finish reading. 
  • I maintain this blog as a hobby, acceptance of a review copy does not indicate any contract with the provider of said ARC; If I find that the book is uninteresting to me or if I do not like it and do not finish it, I will not review the book.
  • I will not review unsolicited ARCs from self-published authors.
  • Due to the large number of email requests I receive, I will only respond to those in which I am interested. Please see my preferred genre list below to get an idea of my reading tastes.
  • I do not read religious fiction.
  • I maintain a positive tone in all reviews, even negative reviews. Although I may not have loved a book, there’s always something one can take away from reading.  

I especially love reading:

  • Science fiction/fantasy
  • Historical fiction
  • Supernatural/paranormal
  • Dystopian lit
  • Steampunk
  • Suspense/thriller

Contact Information:

MyMercurialMuse (at) gmail (dot) com   



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